Dating couples counseling

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But my girl met this guy a month earlier when hanging out with her best friend.

She now came back home, now wants me back 110%, was sorry for being selfish, knew what he missed, now knows what she wants, knows im her future and wants to try again.

If you're part of a couple in distress, you may feel that there's no way out of your troubled relationship.

Myths about the low success rates of couples therapy and counseling only make your situation seem worse than it is.

Ive never done anything like that but I just want to know if she is worth it to try again. You are both young, so it is not unexpected that either would want to test the waters -- at least she asked for the break first.

With all the popular advice available to single couples from friends and family, is there such a thing as 'couples counseling?

'I'm asking this becasue while there is the legal bond to be save or dissolved with marriages in trouble through coundeling, but what about singles?

You are both grown adults and should be able to handle this (rent When Harry Met Sally and watch it together for a "first" date).

Do not hesitate to pull the plug if you sense it is not going any where.

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