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The packaging was simple and attractive; so that once the product was gone, the container could be repurposed.

Despite its humble beginning during the depression, the line prospered and a men's line began the following year.

This mug was the very first Glass Mug introduced by Shulton, in 1948, and was manufactured by T.

It features the “Ship Friendship” and is the only Old Spice glass mug without any ribs around the interior bottom. They can often have slight factory imperfections which were commonly found on pottered items.

I think the main difference is that a scuttle is made to hold hot water in a separate compartment.

Historically the hot water is for dipping a shaving brush into.

This mug was produced starting in 1964 and features the “Ship Grand Turk Salem – 1786” and was designed for a 3.75 ounce soap cake.

Later vintages saw the beginnings of promotional uses.

[Updated December, 2016] There seems to be increasing interest in shaving mugs and scuttles.

And with good reason: some are built so that lather stays warm during the shave, providing a more luxurious experience.

In 1937, the first Old Spice product produced was the Early American Old Spice for Women.

It was a combination of roses, cloves, herbs and other spices, packaged with a colonial theme.

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