Eric stonestreet dating

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"This is so dumb," a source told Us Weekly of the rumors.

"They are friends and have a lot of mutual friends in the same circle.

"Took a picture of these 2 randos today," he wrote in the caption.

After the potential pairing became a trending topic online, Bethenny jokingly addressed the chatter on Twitter.

Back in 2015 when this romance rumor was a hot topic of conversation, Bethenny appeared on Watch What Happens Live and told Andy Cohen, “Eric’s awesome. ”So that’s not a denial, but that’s not a definite confirmation.

As I said today, he’s a great actor,” she said, and added, “And we’re sleeping together tonight. Either way Bethenny’s joke really amped up the curiosity…until I forgot all about these romance rumors over a year later.

)Earlier this month, Bethenny tweeted, "I'm very happy right now. Xo."Of course that could have had something to do with her five-year-old daughter, Brynn, but you never know.

CLICK “CONTINUE READING” FOR MOREBethenny sure likes to keep her fans guessing.We're not sure how Bethenny and Eric met, but the actor is open about his recent dalliances on Tinder."I've gone out with a couple girls in L. "I was coming here early in the morning and and we started texting at 10 o'clock last night and at 11 o'clock she reveals that she was down and I'm like, 'I gotta go to bed!And I'm telling Howard that he cost me some [insert foul word here] last night!RELATED: Is Bethenny Frankel Dating Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet?Both Bethenny and Eric posted the same photo- with different levels of zoom since Bethenny had more of her outfit on display in hers, of course.

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