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The Madras pool is a very nice 6-lane 25-yard pool, opened in 2008, Tim Nelson is the Aquatic Director and might be persuaded, and that it's under the COMA umbrella so I might have some clout (and some funding).But camping might be the only lodging choice at this point, as Madras has been advertising itself as a great viewing sight for some time and lodging spots few--the good news is that there is excellent camping and weather.Caudata Culture is the world's premier salamander and newt care and information resource, and arguably better than any book.There's a good reason that comes up first on any google or yahoo search for "axolotls": it's the definitive text on the famous Mexican salamander in captivity. And while you're looking around, why not get a shirt like Pin-pin's in the photo?The forms come in PDF, which you can fill out with your computer and then print.Along with the forms, you'll need two passport photos with your name and alien number written on the back, as well as a front and back color photo copy of your EAD card.Of course, but if we could set a scy meet in Madras on Sun 20 Aug--the day before the main event--would you be interested?

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Let's use this thread to clear some clutter from some of the other posts and stick directly to the information we need for a successful 2016 renewal.Tag line: "Come to the meet and stay for the eclipse." Dual sanction a possibility, I think.Hope that I'm home from World's in Hungary by then... I've already got a condo rented near Mount Hood for the weekend and I plan to avail myself of other recreation opportunities to be honest, but it certainly seems like something the Oregon locals might be interested in. Madras is consistently sunny at that time of year, and I'm really looking forward to the eclipse and the party that will surely go with it. Actually I plan to drive down to the Madras area or somewhere in the vicinity for the eclipse, I just have a feeling I probably wouldn't swim in a meet. The other reason I doubt I'd swim is my wife is already dubious about how interesting watching an eclipse will be, but I've assured her there will be other fun things to do.If you would not like to join or take offense to paying money for a forum account, I freely invite you to not do so. HOW TO REGISTER AN ACCOUNT: By registering an account, the user agrees to abide by all the forum rules and regulations.If the user breaks any forum rule (as determined by a Something Awful Forums moderator or admin), their account could be banned and will need to register a new account.

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