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Meet Hiten Noonwal, a gender-fluid artist who wishes for a world where there is freedom to live without the gender binaries.

For Hiten, the journey started way back when he was in the 6th standard when he first performed as a gender fluid dancer.

And they aren’t really the kinds you’ll feel good about but the ones that will creep you out.

Much before the story delves deep into the protagonists’ lives, it makes us ‘familiar’ with cocaine snorting sessions to such an extent that it will start giving you a headache.

The trick they decide to pursue includes going to Page 3 parties and hitting on happy couples to break their relationships and eventually seduce them to bed, one of which turns out to be Tara Alisha Berry (Alisha) - Hiten Tejwani’s (Gaurav Asthana) couple.

Wild threesome, creepy smooches and over-the-top raunchy love making scenes, middle-finger gestures (too often) and some cuss words here and there; ‘Love Games’ is full of every aspect of ‘boldness’ Bollywood viewers would want to see.

A raid was carried out after the police got a tip off about the presence of the sex racket in the Goregaon area.

One of the cops got in touch with the group posing as a supplier of women.

The suspects, two models (A Savdhaan India actor and another Marathi serial actor) and two others identified as Sayra and Ashraf alias Aman, were arrested.

Hiten was ridiculed for wearing a feminine costume and for “dancing like a girl.” Talking about his experience, Hiten says: “Judges for the show were prominent Bollywood figures.

As I was performing the judges pressed their buzzer to stop my performance.” “The male judge who was a veteran actor commented on my costume, I was terribly humiliated yet there was one younger judge who said, “I like your belly moves and make- up.” After my performance I was completely numb.

Yes, her role demands a weird unexplainable excitement throughout the film, but that doesn’t really works well for her.

Also, what’s with her constant gaze and wide absurd smile on her face in every shot?

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