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Endorsement : When a printer includes endorsement it means that the printer has a second impact printhead.

This will allow the printer to print on both sides of the check (or other item inserted via the slip deck) at the same time (See image).

Small details can be precision printed directly on the product surface and this offers a long lasting robust surface print which is resistant to abrasive contact.

Our facility also offers a designated clean room area to our customers with sensitive applications, through completion of the validation verification process.

BMP Medical is able to offer pad printing services for products that are usually difficult to print on.

Hot Stamping is especially recommended for: Pad printing is sometimes more commonly referred to as Tampo Printing and uses a silicone stamp to transfer the ink directly on the product surface which subsequently cures at room temperature.

Pad printing (also known as Cliche or Tampo printing) enables printing to be achieved on awkwardly shaped and very small three-dimensional components which can otherwise be difficult to print.

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