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Frances and Peter Louganis were his adoptive parents.

Later, in 1983, he transferred to University of California, Irvine. He bagged many gold medals throughout his professional career. In World Championships, he was outstanding, he earned 5 gold medals.

One of the all-time greatest athletes in his sport, diver Greg Louganis faced many personal obstacles before winning Olympic gold.

He was adopted by Peter and Frances Louganis, joining an older adopted sister in the family.

Chaillot and Louganis began dating in 2012 after finding each other on the online dating site

In the book, he has mentioned his life journey and his success towards the Olympic success.

Diving is one of the popular games of “Olympics” and Greg Louganis is number one player of Diver. However, his contribution in the game of diving is outstanding and extraordinary. At her little age, he was diagnosed with asthma and allergies, so to get rid of her severe problems; she was motivated for dance and attends gymnastic classes.

He is an American Olympic diver who bagged the gold medals at the 19 Olympic Games on both the springboard and platform. At the age of nine, his family got a swimming pool for him and then he learned how to dive, she completed her graduation from Mission Viejo School in Mission Viejo.

"People know Greg Louganis, the diver, but very few people know who he actually is: He's a shy, polite, talented, funny, thoughtful man.

He happens to be the greatest diver in the world—no one has ever broken his records—but within the first few minutes his shyness and politeness was so endearing.

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